We Provide Chimney Services & Inspections To Columbia, SC

If you own a fireplace, then you know how much joy, comfort, and warmth they can bring into a living space. That being said, they also require some regular maintenance to ensure they function as safely and as efficiently as possible. Find out more about this below, then reach out with any questions. The Chimspector team is glad to assist with it all!

Sweepings & Creosote Removal

One service that should always be regularly invested in is chimney sweepings and creosote removal. What threats occur when your flue is clogged up? Well, it’s not uncommon for animals to bring in nesting materials or for harsh winds to blow in outside debris, all of which can obstruct airflow and put your home at risk. Smoke will be more prone to back up into your living space, and you could face exposure to carbon monoxide, which is colorless, odorless, and known to be fatal.

Another big problem comes in the form of creosote. Creosote is something that adheres to the interior walls of your chimney as you light fires. It varies in form and texture, but no matter which type you have, it is flammable and dangerous. Ensuring it is regularly cleared out will greatly reduce your risk of experiencing a chimney fire, which would cause lots of damage and make your system unsuitable for regular use.

One of the scarier aspects of chimney fires is that they typically occur quietly, unbeknownst to the homeowner. This means that the operator will continue to use the fireplace, not realizing that they are facing serious risks by doing so! The gaps and holes created by a chimney fire leave open pathways through which smoke, gases, and fire could escape, all of which could trigger health issues, serious injuries, or even death.

Invest In Your Inspection Today

As you can see, investing in professional care from a team of experts is vital to the strength of your structure and to the safety of your home. If you’re not sure where you stand when it comes to build-up, creosote, and structural damage, your next best step will be to schedule an inspection.

Fall is officially here, and it won’t be long before temperatures really start to drop. Because of this, many are booking fireplace inspections, hoping to get everything squared away before the holidays arrive in full swing. We urge you to call now to book your appointment so that you aren’t left without a fireplace over Thanksgiving and Christmas! Our team would be happy to help you out soon.

Why Rely On Us?

Our owner, Drew Stein, and his team of professional sweeps are dedicated to providing Columbia, Lexington, North August, Camden, and all of their surrounding cities with the high-quality, mess-free chimney care residents deserve. We have 15 years of experience in this industry, certifications with the CSIA, and are members of the NCSG. When it comes to chimney knowledge, we strive to know it all!

Call today to set up an appointment, so that you’ll be all set when the holidays arrive.