The Process Of A Detailed Chimney Sweeping

As specialists of chimneys, we simply cannot stress the importance of annual inspection. They greatly affect the health of your chimney and fireplace. This routine maintenance ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible. Along with this, it greatly reduces your risk of experiencing dangers. This could include chimney fires, house fires, gas leaks, carbon monoxide exposure, smoke back-up, and more.

If it’s time for your annual inspection, call now while the weather is warm and it will also give us plenty of time to address necessary repairs too. It won’t be long before our busy season strikes, so get your appointment on the books today!

We Offer NFPA Level 2 Inspections & Scans

At Chimspector Venting Specialists, we take pride in going above and beyond by offering level 2 inspections to all of our customers. So, what does level 2 inspections entail? First of all, we’ll check out all of the easily accessible parts of your chimney and fireplace. We want to ensure everything is in great shape and safe for use. Then, we bring in the video equipment. These devices allow us to get a better look on the inside of your chimney, guaranteeing that we don’t miss a thing when addressing damages and buildup.

Level 2 inspections are always in-depth and thorough, but you should rest assured that we won’t have to tear apart your chimney or remove parts during the process. We’ll be able to access everything while keeping your system intact, so you don’t need to stress about any rebuilding work or time-consuming services.

When your inspection is complete, we’ll have a report of your system along with any recommendations for additional services. The most important part of this process is to ensure everything is safe for you and your family this holiday season. We want you to enjoy endless evenings in front of a cozy fire. Call us today, so you know your fireplace is good to go when the temperatures drop.

What If Damage Or Buildup Is Found?

If we note any issues with your chimney or fireplace system, we have many services that will ensure everything is back to good condition and ready to go for the fall. Build up of creosote or debris can cause clogs, forcing smoke and fumes into your home. Creosote is known for its flammable nature, thus increasing your chance of chimney fires. Fortunately, we can clean it all out, keeping you safe.

Chimney repairs should never be put off, as using a fireplace that needs repair is extremely dangerous. We’re passionate about serving countless communities throughout the area, guaranteeing you and your neighbors a safer place to live. Please call us at 803-602-5929. We’re ready to serve you!