The Benefits Of Using Vent-Free Gas Logs

When purchasing gas logs for your home, you may be aware of two options out there: vented and vent-free. There are pros and cons to both, so getting all the facts is important before making any final decisions. Learn more about why many wind up going the vent-free route by reading up on their benefits below. Any more questions? Give us a call. The Chimspector team is always eager to lend a hand!

More Heat Output

Vent-free gas logs will, no doubt, provide you with more heat than vented logs. Vented options require that the chimney damper remain open, while vent-free logs can be operated with the damper completely shut. This results in all of the heat pouring back into your living space, and you shouldn’t have a problem heating your entire room.

Keep in mind, though, that these units shouldn’t be left on for extended periods of time. The longer you leave it on, the higher your risk is of experiencing a gas leak or having water vapor entering your home (which could lead to mold accumulation). Be sure to open a window now and then, or simply shut off the unit after an hour or so of use. In the end, the heat you experience shouldn’t require extended periods of use, anyway, and this will keep everyone as safe as possible.

Less Expensive To Install

Because they don’t require the use of a chimney or venting system, vent-free gas logs are easier to install, and therefore typically cost less to put into your home. The appliances themselves typically cost less than their vented counterparts, as well. Along with this, you won’t need to invest in any expensive renovations or reconstruction work.

Does this mean you can install the model on your own? No way! These units should always be installed with the help of a qualified professional. Failing to do so could result in some serious health risks, and it would put you at a much higher chance of experiencing carbon monoxide exposure.

Ease Of Use

Like pretty much any type of gas fireplace, stove, or insert, vent-free logs are very easy to operate, and they allow you to heat your space in a short amount of time, as well. No building fires or storing messy woodpiles… Just flip the switch or push the button, and you’ve got yourself a fire! You’ll be cozied up and relaxed in no time.

Placement Flexibility

As you can imagine, a system that doesn’t require the use of a fireplace or outside venting source will offer a lot more flexibility as far as placement options. If you don’t have a chimney or if you’re working with a space that doesn’t lend many options for gas log placement, then vent-free options may work better for your living arrangement.

Should I Be Worried About Carbon Monoxide Exposure?

So, vent-free gas logs are clearly a great choice for many, but many find themselves concerned about carbon monoxide entering their homes. If there is no venting system in place, then isn’t it likely that this deadly gas, along with other hazardous fumes, will enter the living space and cause family members to end up in the emergency room?

These concerns are very valid, and we get that many homeowners worry about this threat. Carbon monoxide’s colorless, odorless nature makes it impossible to detect, and in many cases it acts quickly, causing those exposed to pass out or faint before getting the help they need. Because of this, we encourage those with vent-free gas logs to take a few extra precautions.

First and foremost, invest in a professional to install and maintain the unit. Your gas logs should be regularly inspected, and you should always follow the advice and guidelines offered by your chimney company. Ensure the sweeps you hire are certified with the CSIA, are experienced in their field, and that they have a strong educational background.

It’s also necessary that you invest in carbon monoxide detectors for your home. These offer a clear warning that you’re in danger, and they have been the difference between life and death for countless people throughout our service area. If you have yet to purchase one for your home, don’t put it off any longer! We suggest purchasing multiple devices so that every level of your home is covered.

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