Schedule Your Thanksgiving Chimney Sweeping & Inspection

There are a lot of things that make Thanksgiving a well-loved holiday. Between the great food, fun times with loved ones, cool autumn weather, and more, this is one day where it’s easier than ever to allow yourself to relax and simply enjoy the day with friends and family. But what could make this occasion even better? A crackling fire. Here at Chimspector Venting Specialists, we have the tools and training to set you up right. Schedule an inspection with our team today!

The Importance Of Annual Inspections

First things first, we urge all of our customers throughout Columbia and its surrounding cities to invest in an inspection before lighting any fires. The CSIA notes that this is an important step for any person with a fireplace in their home, and it gives your sweep the chance to spot any issues that could threaten the safety of your home and family.

So, what do we look for? Well, we will be sure to keep an eye out for any damages or structural concerns. Your brickwork is strong, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t able to crack, crumble, or break down over years and years of use. Should any gaps or openings be present, having them patched up as soon as possible will always be your best bet. This slows down any deterioration, and it ensures you don’t face any risk of carbon monoxide exposure or house fires, either.

We’ll also be able to look your liner over. Your chimney liner faces a lot of wear and tear, and if it is damaged in any way, repairs will need to be made before lighting any fires. Neglecting this maintenance could lead to some dangerous scenarios, as the liner protects both your home and your masonry from the high temperatures and acidic gases that rise from the firebox.

Worried about clogs in your flue? That’s another thing our sweeps are trained to look for when checking your system over. It’s not uncommon for birds and other woodland critters to find their way into your chimney, and they typically bring in leaves, twigs, and other nesting materials with them. The sturdy walls of your chimney offer an ideal spot to keep their young, and it’s perfect for staying warm and protected on the cooler days of fall, as well.

Unfortunately, once you light fires, both you and the animals are going to start experiencing some troublesome issues. It’s better for everyone if everything is cleared out well before the start of your burning season. Along with this, we can install a chimney cap to keep animals from coming back around anytime soon. Chimney caps are great for blocking out birds, debris, and water, allowing you to rest easier all year long. Ask us about installing yours today!

Creosote & Why It’s Harmful

Unfortunately, clogs and damages aren’t the only things to be concerned about when it comes to operating your fireplace as safely and as efficiently as possible. There’s another substance called creosote that forms in the chimney, and if it isn’t regularly removed your risk of experiencing a chimney fire will increase dramatically.

What is a chimney fire? Well, when your creosote reaches dangerous levels, there’s a greater chance of it catching on fire and sending flames throughout your structure. Your liner, bricks, and mortar weren’t designed to withstand these intense temperatures, so they’ll weaken immediately and continue to break down. As you can imagine, using a chimney that has faced this kind of damage is very dangerous!

That being said, most homeowners aren’t even aware that a chimney fire has occurred, as they aren’t typically loud or obvious events. All too often, we come across folks who continue to put their fireplace to use, totally unaware that they are facing some serious risks by doing so! This is another big reason why regular inspections are such a vital investment.

Now, most forms of creosote can be removed with basic methods, but there is one type that needs to be approached a bit differently – glazed creosote. If the creosote in your chimney is hard and glossy, then trying to get it out with traditional techniques could result in damage to your chimney. Having a team that knows what they’re doing is a must! That’s why we urge you to trust in us every step of the way.

Rely On Drew Stein & His CSIA Certified Crew

Our owner, Drew Stein, has decades of experience under his belt, and he is proud to run a company that puts the safety and comfort of their customers above everything else. Our team of CSIA Certified Sweeps is here to address your concerns in a timely manner and provide you with the mess-free reliable care you deserve year after year.

Ready to work with the best? Then, get in touch with our experts today. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so the time to reach out and get your maintenance completed is now. With help from our team, this can be your best holiday season yet!