Schedule Your Chimney Masonry Repairs Today

Did you know that summertime is a great time to schedule your chimney masonry repairs? With the holidays still being months away and our sweeps’ schedules less jam-packed, now is an ideal time to ensure you get these issues addressed well before colder weather arrives. If you feel at all concerned that your chimney needs some professional care or if you are overdue for your annual inspection, then now is the time to reach out to our team.

House Fires & Gas Leaks: Knowing Your Risks

So, how can a cracked and crumbling masonry structure potentially cause you harm? Well, for one thing, it increases your risk of experiencing a house fire. When your brickwork or mortar are cracked heat can easily seep out and expose woodwork and roofing to intense heat. This heat transfer could cause a chimney or house fire.

Along with this, you are more prone to inhale poisonous fumes and gases, like carbon monoxide. If this substance is given easy access into your home, it will not be long before your loved ones feel ill and those with weakened immune systems are especially at risk. Prompt medical attention is a must, as hundreds die every year from carbon monoxide inhalation.

What makes carbon monoxide even more threatening is its colorless and odorless nature. This makes it nearly impossible to detect, which is why we urge homeowners to invest in both regular professional maintenance and carbon monoxide detectors. Just a few simple steps could make all the difference when it comes to keeping your family safer!

How Can I Tell If Repairs Are Necessary?

Scheduling masonry repairs sooner, rather than later, is your best bet for running a safer appliance, but how do you know if your system is in dire need of attention? Well, one sign to watch for is leaks and water damage. If excess moisture is coming in through your flue or causing your flashing to rust, then there is a good chance your brickwork is suffering, too.

Along with this, it is wise to keep a close eye on your masonry and to watch for cracks, crumbling mortar, missing bricks, chips, and similar issues. If anything out of the ordinary appears, call us in to address it. We provide tuckpointing services, as well as brick spalling and waterproofing services, all of which ensures your structure has everything it needs to stand tall for the long haul.

Discoloration or stains are also an indicator that trouble is amiss. If you have any concerns, have them checked out. It’s not worth putting your home at risk if repairs wind up being necessary.

Our Techs Are The Best

The team here at Chimspector Venting Specialists is CSIA certified and completely committed to bringing you the services you need with honesty, excellence, and a passion for customer satisfaction. Ready to learn more? Give us a call. We can’t wait to help you soon!