Schedule An Early Chimney Inspection

Chimney professionals recommend annual inspections in the warm spring and summer months. It allows more time for repair work and it gives you more scheduling freedom. Most chimney companies don’t get very busy until fall and winter come back around.

At Chimspector Venting Specialists, we always recommend investing in your yearly maintenance during the spring and summer months. We love that we can help countless homeowners cross their inspections and sweepings off of their to-do lists early. With just one call to us, it’s clear – we go above and beyond for our customer base! Learn more about all we offer by reading below, then give us a call as soon as possible to set up your appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Levels Of A Chimney Inspection

So, now that you’re ready to get your inspection on the books, it’s important to know what to expect, right? Typically, you hear about three levels of chimney inspections, with number 1 being the most basic. Most chimney companies will perform level 1 inspections for their customers who regularly invest in maintenance, but at Chimspector we make the more in-depth level 2 inspections our standard.

We offer NFPA Level 2 Inspections & Scans because want to ensure the homes of our customers stay safer, no matter what. These services include examining your chimney using video equipment to check the harder to access areas. We also check for any signs of damage or deterioration.

In extreme cases, a level 3 inspection may be required. During level 3 inspections, parts of your system may need to be taken apart. However, these are rare and typically a level 2 is all you’ll need to ensure a safer and cozier home this fall. We won’t need to deconstruct a thing! Just relax and let us take care of it all, so you can rest easier at the end of the day.

What To Expect After We’re Done

After our inspection is completed, we’ll give you our analysis. Should your chimney need swept or repaired, we’ll let you know, then provide you with sound advice for moving forward. The nice part about having this done earlier, rather than later, is that we’ll have plenty of time to address damages and buildup, so you won’t be waiting around this fall.

Summertime is also ideal for repair work because certain materials need to cure in a specific temperature range. Curing in the cold leads to unsatisfactory results, so we recommend waiting until spring or summer. We don’t want you to have to put off your burning season any longer than necessary. Turn to our sweeps now, so we can get you in the books!