Schedule A Chimney Cleaning For Santa

Ho ho ho! Santa Claus will be coming your way soon, so you better ensure your chimney is cleaned up and ready to go for his debut. That being said, Saint Nick isn’t the only one who appreciates a well-maintained chimney and fireplace! Keeping up with your yearly inspections and sweepings also does wonders for keeping your loved ones safer and more comfortable, too. Learn more below, then schedule your sweeping with us today!

Removing Creosote & Other Debris

Soot, creosote, ash, and all that other build-up has a reputation for staining Santa’s nice red suit, but that’s not the only reason you need to clear it all out before the holidays kick off. When materials accumulate inside of your chimney, you become much more prone to clogs and your airflow is hindered significantly. This negatively affects the performance of your fireplace, meaning you get less heat and more smoke backing up into your living space.

Clogs also block the pathways that hazardous fumes use to escape, thus making your home more vulnerable to carbon monoxide. Since this gas is colorless and odorless, it is extremely hard to detect. It’s also one of the most dangerous gases out there and can be fatal when not addressed properly and in a timely manner. We urge all of our customers to invest in carbon monoxide detectors and to work with our team today to ensure your heating appliances are ready for use this winter season.

Creosote is another big issue, as it’s very flammable. It can take on a few different forms, but no matter what stage it is at, it’s dangerous! As creosote builds up inside your system, you become more prone to experience a chimney fire, which will damage your interior system significantly. Your chimney structure will be a lot weaker, and you’ll soon notice cracking and holes, both of which make you more vulnerable to house fires and gas leaks.

We can get rid of even the toughest and hardest to remove creosote out there! We’ll avoid damage to your system while guaranteeing the best results around. Once we’re through, your system will be all set and ready to go, so you enjoy countless cozy fires throughout the holiday season. Our team is ready to serve you!

What To Expect From Us

When the certified team at Chimspector Venting Specialists is on the job, you can expect nothing less than the best. Our experts do everything possible to leave your home mess-free and looking great, and we don’t miss a thing when it comes to inspecting and sweeping your chimney. We’ll check for damages, inspect your damper, and ensure all pathways are free and open, so you don’t have any trouble enjoy fire after fire this Christmas season. There’s truly no better crew to trust in Columbia and its surrounding areas!

Give us a call today, so we can get started!