Masonry Chimney Cap Repairs

When it comes to keeping your chimney and fireplace safer, investing in the proper equipment is vital. Proper working dampers, sturdy flashing, intact chimney crowns, and more all play a big role in keeping water and debris out of your chimney. They also help your system stand stronger for years on end.

Well, one piece of your chimney’s anatomy that does a lot to keep it safer is the chimney cap, and we’re here to tell you more about that. If you need a chimney cap installed or if your current cap isn’t doing an adequate job, be sure to give us a call right away so that we can set you up right!

Functions Of A Chimney Cap

A chimney cap can do wonders for keeping water away from your flue and keeping your brickwork stronger. But how exactly does it work? Well, a chimney cap sits on top of your chimney flue, protecting it from any potential rainwater or snow that may want to enter. Without it, excess moisture can easily enter and cause some serious damage!

Along with this, chimney caps are great for keeping out birds and other woodland critters, and they keep out any excess dirt, twigs, and other debris, as well. Worried about downdrafts? Chimney caps will block those, as well as prevent stray sparks from escaping your chimney and landing on your roof. All in all, they’re an affordable piece of equipment necessary for keeping your home and chimney safer!

Importance Of Protecting Your Masonry

Keeping water away from your brickwork and mortar will make a huge difference in how fast or slow it breaks down and deteriorates. Should parts start showing signs of decay, then you know you have a real problem on your hands! When necessary repair work goes undone, your fireplace will be very unsafe for regular use, and you could even wind up facing a settlement or collapse.

Masonry can stand tall and look great for decades when properly maintained. It’s all about investing in the proper care and maintenance before any issues can occur. Luckily for folks in our service area, our experts can handle any job thrown our way! We have the tools and experience to ensure you get the protection you deserve. Ask us about preventative maintenance now, so you’re good to go come this fall. Our CSIA certified staff has your back through it all!

All Set-Up? Invest In Waterproofing, Too!

Once your masonry is fixed up and protected with a chimney cap, why not invest in waterproofing, as well? Waterproofing provides an extra shield against excess moisture and offers you peace of mind in the upcoming seasons. If you’re investing in preventative maintenance, then waterproofing is definitely something you need! Ask our experts about it today!