Level 2 Chimney Inspections & Chimney Scans

As a fireplace owner, it is important to know when to schedule a chimney inspection. Well, annual inspections are always recommended (by both us and the CSIA), as these ensure your chimney is functioning safely for every single burning season. Most companies out there will provide homeowners with a level 1 inspection, as long as their system hasn’t undergone any major repair or reconstruction work.

Well, here at Chimspector Venting Specialists, we like to set the bar a little higher by offering a more in-depth level 2 inspection as our standard. This ensures we do not miss a thing, and allows you the peace of mind you deserve with every passing season.

When else is an inspection needed? You will also need a level 2 inspection when buying or selling a home, after experiencing severe weather, after a home or chimney fire, and if you have changed fuel types or invested in reconstruction services. No matter the scenario, our team is qualified to help you out!

Level 2 Inspections: What To Expect

Like a level 1 inspection, a level 2 inspection includes a visual overview of all easily accessible parts of your chimney. The sweeps will make sure the structure is still sturdy and free from damage, and they will check for any obstructions or clogs, as well.

Along with this, a level 2 inspection will include a thorough video scan to ensure every corner of the chimney has been checked over. If there is damage or build-up anywhere in your system, our video equipment will be sure to find it! And don’t worry about us taking anything apart. No demolition work is necessary for a level 2 inspection.

Why Trust Us?

There is a lot of winter left ahead of us and using a system that may be dirty or damaged could be putting your home and family at serious risk. Creosote, for example, is highly flammable and too much of it can lead to a chimney fire. Along with this, cracks and holes leave open pathways through which flames and dangerous gases can travel into your home.

Avoid potential house fires, chimney fires, gas leaks, and more by scheduling an appointment with our team right away. It is not worth putting off, and you will be happy you made the call!

Why are we the crew to trust? We are highly experienced and completely dedicated to providing you with the quality care you deserve. We are CSIA certified and our attention to detail and professional attitude ensure a job well done every single time. If you are looking for a company that is honest, qualified, and puts your needs first in every service they offer, then look no further than Chimspector Venting Specialists.

Ready to rest easier for the rest of winter? Contact us today.