Importance Of Scheduling Masonry Chimney Repairs

Your brick and mortar are meant to withstand a lot of wear and tear, but they still require professional attention. Your chimney structure is strong, but even something like water can impact how well it functions or break it down.

Learn more about some of the services we can offer you below. With a little bit of care from our CSIA certified crew, your chimney will be standing stronger and working better for years.

Tuckpointing Services

If your mortar is flaking and crumbling, then tuckpointing might be just what you need. Neglecting regular care will put you on the fast track to a chimney collapse or settlement, and all of those gaps and holes make easy pathways for poisonous gases, smoke, and flames to enter your home.

Carbon monoxide exposure, house fires, and smoke inhalation can lead to serious and potentially deadly scenarios. Avoid all of these by taking proper care of your system. Let our technicians touch things up, so you aren’t left stressing.

What does tuckpointing entail? Well, our professionals will remove your old and damaged mortar, then replace it with new materials, guaranteeing a stronger and sturdier structure all around. We work endlessly to ensure the color, texture, and material type perfectly match your old mortar, giving you a balanced and attractive masonry structure at the end of it all.

Is Your Brick Spalling?

If moisture has entered your brickwork, then you are likely facing some issues with brick spalling. This means your masonry is falling apart and your brickwork needs to be fixed. This work needs to be done as soon as possible to avoid additional damages. We can offer our services so you can avoid an expensive rebuild down the line.

Now, usually spalling occurs because of water damage. When moisture gets absorbed into your brickwork, things start to break down in a hurry, and you will start to notice all kinds of decay and deterioration. These issues are often accompanied by rot, rust, mold accumulation, stains, clogs, and more. To avoid more complications, invest in waterproofing services from our qualified team right away.

Whatever You Need, We Want To Help

When it comes to chimney repairs, we don’t stop at your masonry. We can reline your system, repair your smoke chamber, repair or replace your damper, install a new chimney cap, and more. Let us know your concerns, and we will get things addressed as soon as possible, so you are all set and ready to go come fall.

The time to call is now, so reach out to our team today!