Gas & Wood Fireplaces: Advantages Of Each & How They Differ

Are you investing in a new fireplace for your home? Or maybe you’re considering a change in fuel type, but aren’t sure which direction you want to take. Either way, the two main options you are likely considering are gas and wood. Each has their own pros and cons, and each can bring years of joy to a household, but figuring out which would be most appropriate for your unique lifestyle is a must before making any concrete decisions.

Learn more about each below, then give our crew a call, so that we can help you out throughout this process. We sell high-quality products, and we can provide you with years of upkeep and maintenance, as well, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Reach out today, so we can get started!


If your schedule is pretty hectic, and you find yourself with only a small window of relaxation time on a daily basis, then gas might be the right route for you. There’s not a lot of upkeep involved on the part of the homeowner, and they turn on and off with a simple flip of a switch or push of a button, so you don’t need to stress about gathering wood or building a fire. All in all, they are mess-free, easy to use, and when you’re ready for bed, you just turn it off and you are good to go.

Gas options are also super efficient, so you won’t need to worry about a lack of heat. When it comes right down to it, the convenience these units provide is truly hard to beat!


Now, a more traditional, wood-burning fireplace is better for someone looking to get the full-blown fireplace experience from their new setup. You’ll get that classic, timeless aesthetic that so many crave, along with the smells, sounds, and warmth of a genuine, crackling fire. Sure, they’re a bit more work, but many actually end up enjoying the process of hauling and storing wood, and it truly creates an ambiance that’s hard to duplicate.

Many concern themselves that wood-burning appliances aren’t nearly as efficient as their gas-fueled counterparts, but today’s models are a lot less wasteful than structures of the past. They’re a lot more environmentally-friendly, too, and they come in a wide range of style and design options, so finding the right fit for your space will be a breeze.

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