Creosote Removal

Protect your home from a fire hazard with PCR glazed creosote removal. Our professionals can guide you through the process.

PCR Glazed Creosote Removal Keeps Your Chimney Cleaner & Safer

Whenever a chimney leak is discovered, one of the first things we check for is an issue with the flashing or metal sheets at the base of the chimney stack. Flashing problems commonly lead to chimney leaks and for good reason: the whole point of flashing is to keep the area where the roof and chimney meet free of water. Unfortunately, flashing can fail to prevent water from penetrating this vulnerable area due to poor installation or water/weather damage.

PCR is a chemical that allows us to safely remove dangerous creosote buildup from your chimney, protecting your home and family from potential harm.

PCR Glazed Creosote Is Tough Enough To Take Down The Toughest Creosote

When removing glazed creosote, our goal is to make your chimney safer and protect it against damage, which is why we take great care to only use methods and products that will effectively remove creosote without causing damage to the chimney itself. PCR or Poultice Creosote Remover is the best product for the job and it works to remove even the toughest third degree glazed creosote.

Whether your creosote buildup is in your flue or your smoke chamber, we can apply the product quickly and safely. Once the product is applied, it gets right to work. How does it work? As the product itself dries, it dissolves and absorbs the creosote. The PCR, along with the creosote, then falls off of the chimney flue walls and down into the fireplace, where it can be easily removed. Any remaining soot or PCR is then swept off of the chimney walls and you’re left with a cleaner, safer chimney.

How Do I Request PCR Glazed Creosote Removal?

Is creosote building up along your chimney flue? Give Chimspector Venting Specialists a call at 803-602-5929 today to have your chimney inspected and cleaned. We’re here to make the chimneys of our neighbors throughout the greater Columbia, SC area cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable, so call or request an appointment online today!

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Not Sure If You Need Glazed Creosote Removal?

At Chimspector, we understand how overwhelming it can be to determine exactly what you need for your chimney or ventilation system. Booking an inspection is the best way to get specific recommendations for your home. Get started by clicking one of the options below:

Creosote Removal Locations

Prioritize your home and your family’s safety with Chimspector. If you live in the following areas, we can help. Not sure if we serve you? Call us at 803-602-5929.

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Reviews from Happy Homeowners

Phillips M.

“I had a chimney leak with pretty good deal of water coming into my hearth. My neighbor referred Drew and his team to me. I called and with an inspection I was told the source of the problem. They were very responsive and within three days my problem was fixed at a very reasonable price. They also informed me of a tree limb damaging some of my roofing shingles. All estimates were provided with very good pictures of the cause of problems. I highly recommend.”

Brad M.

“Great experience start to finish. They came out when they said they would, did what they said they would do, and communicated along the way. Can’t ask for much more than that. My chimney was inspected and cleaned, and recommendations were made for a chimney cap and rain proofing. These were all legitimate recommendations, and since they’ve finished, i am no longer getting moisture and mildew in my chimney. Well worth the investment. I definitely recommend their services.”

Rick F.

“I asked friends and neighbors for suggestions on who to repair my badly leaking chimney. I called three, one showed up and gave me a ridiculously low quote without ever leaving the ground. Finally I came across Chimspector and gave them a call. Jessica scheduled the appointment and is as friendly as she can be. Drew came on site and he and the young man who came with him (sorry, his name escapes me) climbed on the roof, in the attic and in the fireplace for about an hour. They gave me a very detailed quote, scheduled the work and came back when they said they would. And there was absolutely no cost overrun. They are professionals who take their jobs seriously and their dedication to customer care shows. When they left, there was no sign they were here except a much better working and looking chimney! Thanks Drew!”

The Chimspector project photos displayed beside each review are for illustrative purposes only. Photos are produced by and belong exclusively to Chimspector Venting Specialists, but they do not necessarily represent the properties or projects associated with the reviewer.

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