We Can Transform A Poorly Performing & Unsafe Chimney System With The Ahren-Fire Restoration System

Does having a fire in your fireplace mean a smoky room? When you light a fire in your fireplace, does it seem like the room actually gets colder, rather than warmer? Do the walls near your fireplace get unnaturally hot when a fire is going?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s possible that your problems originate from poor chimney and fireplace design. Poorly designed chimneys and fireplaces or systems that aren’t built to current code can make it impossible to enjoy a night in front of the fire, but there are also hidden dangers. In many cases, there isn’t proper clearance from combustibles and the hearth, fireplace, and chimney walls aren’t thick enough to protect those combustibles against heat transfer. In other words, a poorly designed masonry chimney system isn’t just unpleasant and unusable, it’s unsafe — but we have good news. Here at Chimspector Venting Specialists, we specialize in restoring these types of chimney systems using the Ahren-Fire Restoration System. This all-in-one chimney and fireplace system can correct almost any design flaw and can bring an unsafe system up to local building codes.

Ahren-Fire Restoration — Improved Performance & Safety Without A Rebuild

The Ahren-Fire system is installed in your existing system and, because it’s so insulated, it prevents heat transfer and protects nearby combustibles against fire. It’s also UL tested and listed, brings your fireplace up to code, and is strong and long-lasting. And since it’s installed inside of your existing fireplace, it won’t change the look of your fireplace facing. What else will you enjoy with an Ahren-Fire Restoration?

  • More heat from your fireplace
  • Improved fireplace performance
  • A smoke-free fireside experience

Enhanced performance and safety without a rebuild? Yes, it’s possible! Call Chimspector Venting Specialists at 803-602-5929 or use our appointment request form to request an appointment with one of our experienced professionals. Wherever you are in the greater Columbia, SC area, we’ll send someone to your home to inspect your system and let you know whether or not the Ahren-Fire Restoration System is your best option. Call today and get the enjoyment and warmth you deserve from your fireplace system!


Our chimney restoration services include smoke stain removal so you can enjoy the fresh look of your fireplace once again. Call us now to find out more.

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