Our Flashing Repairs Will Keep Your Chimney Protected Against Leaks

Whenever a chimney leak is discovered, one of the first things we check for is an issue with the flashing or metal sheets at the base of the chimney stack. Flashing problems commonly lead to chimney leaks and for good reason: the whole point of flashing is to keep the area where the roof and chimney meet free of water. Unfortunately, flashing can fail to prevent water from penetrating this vulnerable area due to poor installation or water/weather damage.

  • Poor Installation — Installing metal sheets at the base of the chimney may seem simple, but there’s actually a method and technique to proper flashing installation. During the installation process, different types of flashing should be strategically placed and layered, minimal nail holes should be used, and the results should be smooth and flat. Each nail hole can be a gathering place for water, which is why as few as possible should be made. Additionally, any areas that are left with gaps or lifts will be vulnerable to water penetration. Not all flashing jobs are done correctly, which is why a lot of flashing fails to protect this area against leaks.
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  • Water Or Weather Damage — Another common reason for flashing-related chimney leaks is that water, weather, or animal tampering has damaged the flashing. Metal flashing, especially weaker metals like aluminum, can rust over time, and water can find places to gather and eat through the metal. Strong winds and animals can also lift and dent flashing, leaving it vulnerable to leaks.

So what can you do to keep flashing-related chimney leaks from occurring?

First, have your flashing installed by an experienced professional. Second, keep up with annual inspections so you know of any damage to the flashing before leaks spring up. And third, have any needed repairs made ASAP. We also offer FlashSeal, which is a water repellent specifically designed to protect your flashing against water damage and leaks. Just ask!

Is it time to have your flashing repaired or replaced? Call Chimspector Venting Specialists to schedule a flashing inspection and find out! If we locate any damage, we’ll let you know what we suggest as far as repairs and leak prevention are concerned. And since our goal is to keep your chimney free of water so you can enjoy your fireplace for decades, you can count on us to provide expert advice, long-lasting solutions, and professional work. Call 803-602-5929 or use our website’s appointment request form to get started!


Let the pros at Chimspector Venting Specialists help you make sure your chimney crown is doing the job it’s designed for so you don’t have to worry about damaging, expensive chimney leaks.

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