We Repair & Replace Chimney Caps & Chase Covers For Leak Protection That Works

With all the damage, cost, and headache that comes with chimney leaks, it’s surprising to see how many chimneys don’t have chimney caps or chase covers. Both are critical in the fight against chimney leaks, but they aren’t exactly the same. What’s the difference between the two?

  • Chimney caps are metal components that attach to the top of the flue and keep water, animals, and other outside elements from entering the chimney flue itself. You see, the chimney crown protects the chimney stack, but the flue extends up past the crown and, without a cap, it’s wide open to intruders like water, birds, and animals. Once birds, squirrels, or other animals are in your chimney, it’s very difficult to get rid of them. But having furry or feathered critters living in your chimney is dangerous as well. Not only can their nests cause a dangerous obstruction or chimney fire, but these poor animals can also get stuck inside of the chimney or fall down into the fireplace and die. The chimney cap is designed to top off the protection so your chimney stays leak-free, obstruction free, and in tip-top shape.
  • Chase covers or chase tops, on the other hand, are metal pans that attach to the top of prefabricated or factory-built chimney chases, much like masonry chimney crowns. The flue will still extend up through the hole in the center, just as it does through the center of a masonry crown, which is why prefabricated chimney systems need both a chase cover and a chimney cap to protect them against leaks. The majority of water problems in prefabricated fireplace systems spring from the chase cover. Most original chase covers are crafted by the builder from a galvanized sheet metal, nailed down, and covered with silicone. Over time, these chase covers are prone to sagging, which leads them to hold water. With water resting on the chase cover instead of running off, it’s only a matter of time before the cover starts to rust and deteriorate, allowing water to access the wood chase and the rest of the chimney system.
Chimney Caps and Chase Covers
Chimney Caps and Chase Covers

If you’re serious about protecting your home and keeping leaks and animal problems at bay, make sure your chimney is properly fitted with a chimney cap and a quality chase cover. If you have one but it just needs a little professional TLC or repair, we can help. If you’re missing a cap or chase cover altogether, we can help with that, too. Whatever your situation, don’t wait to have your chimney cap and chase cover repaired or replaced. These affordable investments can go a long way towards protecting your home and can even add a little decorative touch.

We Have The Best Chase Covers & Chimney Caps & We Guarantee A Perfect Fit

Our chase covers are made of quality stainless steel or copper and have cross breaks in the metal, which gives the chase cover a slope that sheds water and prevents sagging. Likewise, our chimney caps are made of durable and beautiful stainless steel and copper. We’re also pleased to offer powder-coated options, and every chase cover and chimney cap we install carries a Forever Warranty (on the product itself) and a guarantee that it will stay in place, even when faced with winds up to 60 mph. To browse some of the stainless steel and copper chimney caps and chase covers we install, head over to chimneycaps.net. From pot toppers and specialty caps to custom shrouds, stock top mounts, single flue caps, custom top mounts, and custom outside mounts, we install the best of the best.

Once you find the perfect cap or cover for your chimney, give Chimspector Venting Specialists a call at 803-602-5929. We’ll make sure your selection is designed to fit perfectly atop your chimney and provide expert installation for guaranteed protection. Call or request an appointment online with Columbia’s Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney professionals today and say goodbye to chimney leak worries!


One common cause of chimney leaks is problems with the flashing around the base of the chimney. Let our experts take a look and recommend the best solution to keep you and your home safe and dry.

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