PCR Glazed Creosote Removal Keeps Your Chimney Cleaner & Safer

Within the inner surfaces of the chimney flue liner can be a highly flammable residue called creosote, which is brown or black in color. This deposit is created as a result of burning wood, but if you burn green (unseasoned) wood or pine, or if your appliance or stove is not working properly, you can experience more rapid creosote buildup.

If given the opportunity to build up, creosote can combust and cause a chimney fire that rapidly spreads to other flammable materials in your home, such as nearby wood framing. This dangerous deposit can also cause cracks in flue liners made of ‘fireproof’ brick, stone, or clay; restrict or limit air flow or draw within the chimney; negatively impact the efficiency and performance of the fireplace, stove, or insert; and make for a smelly home.

Failure to clean a dirty chimney is one of the leading causes of house fires each year, but unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize they have a creosote problem and don’t know how dangerous it can be. Even the slightest amount of creosote accumulation has the potential to cause a chimney fire, which is why annual sweepings and inspections are a must. But what happens when the creosote is too thick and hard to be removed by normal sweeping methods?

PCR Glazed Creosote Is Tough Enough To Take Down The Toughest Creosote

When removing glazed creosote, our goal is to make your chimney safer and protect it against damage, which is why we take great care to only use methods and products that will effectively remove creosote without causing damage to the chimney itself. PCR or Poultice Creosote Remover is the best product for the job and it works to remove even the toughest third degree glazed creosote.

Whether your creosote buildup is in your flue or your smoke chamber, we can apply the product quickly and safely. Once the product is applied, it gets right to work. How does it work? As the product itself dries, it dissolves and absorbs the creosote. The PCR, along with the creosote, then falls off of the chimney flue walls and down into the fireplace, where it can be easily removed. Any remaining soot or PCR is then swept off of the chimney walls and you’re left with a cleaner, safer chimney.

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Furnace flue and chimney sweeping are a couple of the professional chimney services we provide year round to help keep your heating system in safe operating condition. Ask us for more information today.

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