Chimney Masonry Repairs & Rebuilds for Residents of Columbia SC

The days are hot, sunny, and perfect for engaging in outdoor fun with friends and family. We understand that many homeowners have a busy summer between vacationing, outdoor events, pool parties, and more, but don’t forget to schedule your chimney masonry repairs amidst all the chaos. Many people wonder why they can’t just put off their maintenance until right before the burning season. This is always an option, but we recommend getting it done now. Why? There are a few big reasons. Learn more below.

Better Quality Work, Easier Scheduling & Fewer Delays

One reason masonry repairs are best done in the summer is because the materials we use cure better in the summer. The temperature range is simply more appropriate, and there is less of a chance for bad weather, which could inhibit the treatment process. If you want your results to stand the test of time, scheduling repairs now is your best bet.

Better weather also means fewer delays. Many people put repairs off until later, which then forces them to delay the start of their burning season because of rain, snow, or cold weather. Finally, you should consider the fact that fall and winter is an especially busy time for us, sweeps. So now is a better time to schedule a time that is convenient for you. If you have a busy schedule, then make your appointment now to avoid the stress and hassle of rearranging your calendar later!

What To Expect From Us

When it comes to repairing your masonry, there are two main things we can complete to get it back to where you need to be: tuckpointing and brick spalling. Tuckpointing is the process of restoring your structure by grinding out the old, flaky mortar, then replacing it with new mortar that matches in color and texture. This is a time-consuming and intricate process, but our experts can provide you with the great-looking, streamlined results you’re hoping for.

As far as broken down and spalling bricks are concerned, we can tackle that, too. This is one issue you will want address immediately to avoid bigger problems down the line. Let us inspect your system and provide appropriate repairs right away, so you aren’t forced to invest in a major restoration job or rebuild in the future. Is your structure past the point of a simple repair job? Our qualified crew can restore your system with ease. Just call us now, so you aren’t left without a working fireplace over the holidays!

We’re The Team To Trust In Columbia

We love serving communities all throughout Columbia and its surrounding towns and cities, and our CSIA certified sweeps take pride in bringing homeowners in the area the best care possible. We will communicate all of your chimney needs honestly and professionally, so you can rest easier with every burning season. Ensure your system is all set and ready to go this fall and winter by investing in care today!