Chimney Flashing, Waterproofing, & Chimney Cap Maintenance

Water is one of the most damaging things your chimney can be exposed to, but avoiding it is unfortunately impossible, which is why you need the right tools in place to ensure your system is always protected. Here at Chimspector Venting Specialists, there are three things we like to highlight when it comes to preventing leaks and water damage – flashing, chimney caps, and waterproofing.

Learn more about each of these things below, then count on our experts to set you up right, so that your masonry chimney stays in good shape for the long haul. We’re excited to give homeowners throughout Columbia and its surrounding areas the care and attention they deserve!

All About Your Flashing

Flashing is a vital component of your chimney’s anatomy and, without it, you’d be left with lots of water seeping into your home. So, what is it exactly? Well, your flashing covers the area where your roof meets your chimney. Since the materials that make up these two things expand and contract at different rates, it’s a very vulnerable spot, and water could easily work its way in if this area isn’t appropriately covered.

Flashing consists of metal pieces that stop water dead in its tracks, so that it simply rolls away from your masonry and down to your gutters. As long as it is fitted right and installed correctly, it will keep your rafters from rotting and your ceiling from experiencing unsightly stains. This is one piece of chimney anatomy you don’t want to neglect!

What Is The Function Of My Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps are another essential piece of chimney anatomy. They sit right at the top, covering your flue opening, so that water doesn’t enter and wreak havoc on your brickwork, liner, smoke shelf, and more. But that’s not all they do! Chimney caps are also an important part of preventing animals and debris from entering your chimney, and they are known to block downdrafts and stray sparks, too.

If your cap is missing or broken down, having our professional install a new one (or repair your old one) is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to prevent expensive damages from occurring down the line. Why not take this simple step? Pick up the phone and reach out to our experts today. We’d be happy to help you with it all.

Have a prefabricated system? Then, you’ll need a chase cover! We are experienced in installing these, too. Most units come with a chase cover, but these are typically low-quality, and they won’t last long or give you the high-quality level of protection you need. Our chase covers are made from copper and stainless steel, and they are designed to send water out and away from your structure, so you can stress less all year long. Talk with our pros about your options as soon as you can – we’re here for you!

The Importance Of Waterproofing

The final thing we want to highlight is the importance of waterproofing. Without the application of our specialized products, your brickwork will be prone to absorb lots of moisture, which will then cause it to deteriorate and break down. We use ChimneySaver which is vapor-permeable, eco-friendly and doesn’t affect the look of your structure whatsoever. You’ll get a tough shield without having to use glossy sealers or unsightly paints – can’t beat that!

Worried about the moisture that is already trapped inside of your masonry? Don’t, because since our products are vapor-permeable, your system will be able to easily vent out anything that’s already been soaked up into your bricks and mortar. Other products trap this moisture in, but not ChimneySaver – there really isn’t a better route to take.

Need Repairs Completed?

Sure, protection from water-related damages is extremely important for anyone with a chimney on their property, but what if you’ve already experienced some deterioration? Well, these issues certainly cannot be ignored, and if they aren’t addressed promptly, they’ll only get worse. Getting our team on the job now will save you time, stress, and money down the line, so pick up the phone and get an appointment scheduled.

Why Do Columbia Residents Trust Chimspector Venting Specialists?

So, why is our crew so highly esteemed throughout this area? Because it’s our goal to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible! That means only using the best tools and products, as well as making a commitment to higher education. We earn and maintain certifications with the CSIA, and we’re members of the NCSG, too. If there are any new technologies or better techniques introduced to this trade, we are going to know about it!

We also value honesty, excellence, and customer satisfaction, and once you start hiring us for your chimney services, we are certain you won’t ever want to turn anywhere else. Ready to give your system the care and attention it needs to last for the long haul? Great! Call now to request your appointment, and we can get this process started.