Chimney Waterproofing

Chimney Flashing, Waterproofing, & Chimney Cap Maintenance

Water is one of the most damaging things your chimney can be exposed to, but avoiding it is unfortunately impossible, which is why you need the right tools in place to ensure your system is always protected. Here at Chimspector Venting Specialists, there are three things we like to highlight when it comes to preventing … Read more

Long-Lasting Chimney Waterproofing Services For Columbia, SC

Your masonry chimney goes through a lot over the course of a year. Between the heavy rains of spring, the snowy days of winter, and the freezing temperatures that always show up around the holidays, your brickwork and mortar can wind up facing a lot of wear and tear! Because of this, it is important … Read more

The Purpose Of Chimney Flashing

Do you know that piece of metal that seals the area where your roof and chimney meet? That is the chimney flashing, and it serves a very important purpose. If your flashing is damaged, missing, or rusted, then it is time to invest in professional care. Our experienced team can help you out! Count on … Read more

Chimney Flashing & Chimney Waterproofing

When it’s storming outside, there’s no better place to relax than right next to the comfort of a crackling fire. In order to have a safe working fireplace, you must first invest in the necessary preventative maintenance for your chimney system! Bad weather and heavy rain can be extremely damaging to your chimney and brickwork, … Read more