Chimney Inspection

Schedule Your Thanksgiving Chimney Sweeping & Inspection

There are a lot of things that make Thanksgiving a well-loved holiday. Between the great food, fun times with loved ones, cool autumn weather, and more, this is one day where it’s easier than ever to allow yourself to relax and simply enjoy the day with friends and family. But what could make this occasion … Read more

We Provide Chimney Services & Inspections To Columbia, SC

If you own a fireplace, then you know how much joy, comfort, and warmth they can bring into a living space. That being said, they also require some regular maintenance to ensure they function as safely and as efficiently as possible. Find out more about this below, then reach out with any questions. The Chimspector … Read more

Fall Chimney Service & Fireplace Inspection

Is your chimney ready to handle the cold temperatures and hot fires that are soon to be coming its way? Fall is officially here and the holidays are just around the corner, so now is the time to ensure your appliance is swept, serviced, and ready to go. Fortunately for folks throughout Columbia and its … Read more

Schedule A Chimney Inspection & Sweeping Before Fall

Fall weather is getting closer and closer, and many homeowners find themselves envisioning countless evenings spent in front of their cozy fireplace. If this sounds like you, then the time to schedule your inspection and sweeping is now! Neglecting this maintenance can lead to some pretty dangerous scenarios for you and your household, so we … Read more