Blythewood Homeowners Know Who To Call When They Have Chimney Leaks, Cracks In Their Masonry, Or Any Other Chimney Or Fireplace Issues — Chimspector Venting Specialists!

We want homeowners in Blythewood, Boney, Sharp, Langfords Crossroads, Pleasant, North Pines, Green Acres, Smallwood, Killian, Ridgeway, Rose Creek, North Washington Park, Columbia, Lexington, and the surrounding communities to enjoy cozy fires to the fullest. Depend on our staff to set you up right and keep your system in tip-top shape!

If you’re looking for a smaller town with a strong sense of community, then Blythewood is just the place! This is an area that values rich history, family values, and work ethic, and the residents here are proud to call it home. There are tons of great places to go when you’re out and about with friends or family, and visitors can expect nothing less than a warm welcome, which is why we love spending time in the area.

One place you’ll definitely want to visit is, Doko Meadows. It hosts many events, including a Farmer’s Market, and here you’ll find trails, playgrounds, open fields, a sculpture garden, and even an amphitheater. After burning some energy, refuel at one of the many local restaurants that folks in Blythewood love. Some favorites around town include Joseppi’s Pizzeria, Scottie’s Cafe and Grill, Lena B’s Southern Diner, and Groucho’s Deli.

Then continue to explore the town. With everything that local shop owners have to offer, you’re sure to cross tons of items off of your shopping list, and we’re certain you’ll spot a few extra great finds along the way! Stop on by Reese’s Plants, Bits & Pieces Consignment, Keepsake Rings & Things, Busy B’s Creations, or Savage Comics. We know you’ll see something you love!

As locals ourselves, we love spending time in Blythewood and we’re proud to offer our neighbors the very best in chimney and venting care. Whether you live on Charles F. Bolden Fairway, Community Road, Syrup Mill Road, Mount Valley Road, Fulmer Road, McNulty Street, Boney Road, Oakhurst Road, Fair Ridge Lane, Sandfield Road, Alvina Hagood Circle, Frank Dale Road, Gunter Circle, Cross Ridge Road, Pineview Church Road, Lake Ashley Drive, Michael Road, Howell Road, Derrick Lane, or somewhere else close by, we can make chimney and fireplace maintenance, repair, and restoration easy, stress-free, and affordable.

Our services include chimney & furnace flue sweeping, PCR glazed creosote removal, NFPA level 2 chimney inspections, and chimney scans. We also offer a wide range of repairs and restoration services, and we can handle any leak that comes our way. You can count on us for the following:

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Restoration

Chimney Leaks

On top of these services, we’re proud to sell and service the following:

And where would you be without a great-working dryer? Let the CDET-certified dryer vent experts here at Chimspector Venting Specialists keep your dryer vents cleaner and safer, year after year.

We Utilize The Latest Technology In All Of Our Services

One thing we pride ourselves on is our CSIA certification, and one great part of working with this important organization is their renewal requirement every 3 years. That means, in order to maintain our top-notch credentials, we have to continuously educate ourselves on all of the latest developments in the chimney, fireplace, and venting industry — and we’re happy to do it!

Along with this continuing education, we travel around the country and visit as many educational events and seminars related to our field as possible. In a field where codings, regulations, and techniques are constantly changing and developing, it’s important to stay on top of it all. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing we know our stuff!

We’ve Got You Covered No Matter What

Do you live in Clear Springs, State Park Acres, Green Springs, Lake Elizabeth Estates, Charleswood, or a neighboring community in the Blythewood area? We’re certain we can help you out with any and all of your chimney, fireplace, and venting needs. Contact us today!


If you live in Aiken, SC, don’t worry! You’re still a part of our large service area which means you can rely on us for professional chimney and venting services year round.

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